I am so excited to offer a range of new courses and to expand my current offerings to connect with souls and hearts wherever they are by using the internet as a valuable platform of communication!   These courses have been created from my heart to gift to you, teaching you skills and tools that will last you an entire lifetime.  I’m a strong believer in empowering others and that is what each course has been crafted to do.  If you are ready to grow, to expand, to learn more about yourself and take your path to the next level on your terms then I would love to work with you.  

Do remember to keep checking back here as this list may be added to.  I am always listening to Source and to my clients and often birth new ideas as a result of this.  If you click on the links below, you will receive full details of the course that interests you.  If you have any questions at all, do feel free to get in touch.  I look forward to working with you  if you heart calls. 

Celestial Circle Online Gathering is a new sacred space ONLINE which meets monthly, starting in March, to bring you new teachings, live Q&A’s, regular downloads and benefits… all for a small monthly subscription fee.  Take your knowledge to the next live in the comfort of your own home whilst meeting a new Celestial Tribe!  Find Out More.

Certified Intuitive Angel Card Interpreter returns in 2019 to Liverpool (new dates soon), ONLINE (22nd July LAUNCH) and Aberdeen (new dates soon)   Whether you want to gain skills to enable you to live your purpose guiding others with Angel Cards or whether you want to learn a new skill doing something that you’ve always been drawn to for your own personal growth – this is the course for you.  Find Out More.

7 Steps to Ascension is a new ONLINE course that runs for 7 weeks (NEW DATES SOON!)  An exciting journey through your chakras with 7 different Archangels and 7 beings of pure light!  This 7 week intensive training grace the 7 Divine Rays and helps you through your own ascension journey by reconnecting you with the light that sits within you.  Find Out More.

Intuitive Tarot is available ONLINE as a 2 week journey starting September 17th or as a 1 day course in Liverpool on 14th September.  Learn how to connect your intuition to the Tarot and how to deliver accurate readings from your heart.  Get up close and personal with the Tarot and change the long standing stigma that Tarot is negative… it’s a tool from your heart to others.  Find Out More.

Rediscover Your Life Purpose hosted over 3 weeks ONLINE! NEW DATES will be announced soon. Join me on a journey to reconnect with your soul essence and remember your Life Purpose.  Find out more.

Manifesting with the Universe hosted over 4 weeks ONLINE or IN PERSON in Liverpool. New dates will be announced soon. This is a new and improved version of a super successful course ran TWICE last year.  Get ready to learn how to create the life you deserve and desire, whilst being furnished and supported in removing the blocks that prevent you getting to where you want to be.  Find out more.