7 Steps to Ascension

7 Steps to Ascension – 7 week online course starting May 7th 2019

Do you feel the call to journey to the celestial realms and meet the beings who oversee the 7 rays of light?  Are you ready to journey through the chakras and awaken them in new ways that allow you to see and awaken the divine potential in you?  In this amazing new online course, allow yourself to raise your vibration to new levels by going within and working with the light of your soul essence which is infinitely connected the Universe. 

This course is delivered online and each session is recorded, allowing you to play back at your leisure.  Even if you can’t be present during the original airing of the material, there is the opportunity to “catch up” in your own time and go at your own speed.

Over the course of 7 classes:

Travel to the temples of each ray and learn how to work with the beings who oversee them

  • Work on each of the 7 main chakras in new, profound ways unlocking parts of yourself you didn’t know existed
  • Expand your knowledge and wisdom on the ascension process
  • Learn to truly go within and connect with all aspects of yourself whilst being held safely by light beings
  • Interactive exercises and homework to take this journey to the next level and empower yourself
  • Work with crystals of each ray to amplify the proces

With each week you can expect:

  • Live video meeting which can be played back at any time.
  • PDF workbook with interactive exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Private, safe, online community of like minded people sharing the journey
  • An arsenal of tools and techniques that will las you a lifetime.

If your heart calls to take this wonderful journey, then get in touch to secure your space.

Energy Exchange £200.   Payment plans are available on request. Fill in the form below to book your space.