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Readings – Angel, Tarot or Intuitive

Gain insights to your life and journey.  Choose from a variety of reading types to get the best fit for your needs.  Receive guidance and counsel on your life and support as to the potential outcomes of our decisions.  Duration and energy exchange varies, for more information on each of the readings and the associated price, click here.

 Appointments can be done face to face, by email, online video calls (whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime).

Angel Attunements

Healing channeled directly from the Angelic Realms using their sacred symbols to remove blocks with the support of bespoke crystal layouts.  Have your vibration lifted and feel the love of the Angels envelop you.  Allow them and I to help clear your blocks so you can step forward in peace.

Session are upto 90 minutes and are conducted in person or distantlyEnergy Exchange £55.   To Book Click Here.


Ancient Japanese hands on healing method which is extremely relaxing and is known to heal on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels promoting a deep sense of well being.

1 hour session, energy exchange £40.  Can be conducted face to face or distantly. To Book Click Here.


Crystal Therapy

A healing art that predates Reiki, you can expect to have specific crystals picked and placed on or near you so that negativity can be drawn out of the body.  In parallel, positive energy is promoted throughout your body.

1 hour session in person only.  Energy Exchange £45. To Book Click Here.

Coaching / Spiritual Mentoring

Work with me to help you clear any blocks preventing you moving forward with your life.  Learn techniques to take back your power, enter into love and clear past traumas embracing a spiritually minded approach.  Work directly with me on spiritual development to help you on your own path of enlightenment and growth.

 Sessions are upto 1 hour. Energy Exchange £45.  Discounts available for block booking. To Book Click Here.

Angel Psychic Parties

Get your friends together in the comfort of your own  home and allow me to bring the Angels to you.  Enjoy personal individual readings, a beautiful meditation and learn more about bringing angels into your life.

Duration and Price varies.  Minimum of 6 people required.  Contact me for more information on cost and booking.

Tailored Sessions 1-2-1 sessions

Available on request.  Contact me to discuss.


All readings are conducted in full confidentiality – I will only disclose information that I feel appropriate authorities need to be made aware of.

I will only read for the person getting the reading – I will not tune into the energy of other people without their consent and approval.

Legal, health and financial questions are best directed to the applicable professional specialists (lawyers, doctors and accountants) however I’m happy to look at these areas for you but my advice is always to see a professional first.

As you are paying for my time, my services are non refundable.

Want to know more?

If you feel guided to ask for more information or book an appointment, get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

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